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Thread: Tennis Elbow

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    Tennis Elbow

    Anyone ever get tennis elbow? I think I did it Monday doing heavy triceps Pushdowns with the rope. Started with 110#, which was stupid. I had this 1-2 years ago and it went away after a few weeks, but this time is worse. It hurts to open the car door or do banded triceps Pushdowns. My co-worker checked it and he said my tricep is all knotted up. I'm going to lay off triceps and pressing exercises for a while.

    Do you guys have any suggestions for treatment and what exercises I can do instead?

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    lacrosse ball or softball to massage out the knot in the tricep and then ice to handle the inflamation

    Sounds more like you pulled it rather than just tennis elbow.

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    I bought a brace from the pharmacy for tennis elbow and has an ice pack inside. It said to put it on your forearm, which made nonsense to me. Thank God I'm not a doctor because it actually helped out with the pain.

    I've also been massaging it and will try the lacross ball later on. My co-worker massaged the crap out of it this morning and it helped a lot.

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    Hex holds did wonders for my elbow issues. Hold 15-35s around the bell part for sets of 20 seconds. 2-3 sets 2x per week for a month is good.
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    Do you play tennis?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cphafner View Post
    Do you play tennis?

    I saw that video when I googled voodoo wraps. That hurt just watching it. I'm feeling a little better with the brace on my forearm. Gonna take it easy again on Monday.

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    Tennis elbow hurts on the forearm not on the back of the elbow where the triceps hurt. It is odd to be aggravated by triceps work. Usually its from beating up the extensors of the forearm.

    When I had tennis elbow good ole stretching of the forearm extensors and doing wrist extensions and finger rubber band expansions really helped.

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    Where exactly is the pain?

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