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Thread: Squatting Wide. Briefs? Suits?

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    Squatting Wide. Briefs? Suits?

    Hey guys I am starting Westside and am squatting wide which obviously beats up your hips. All the suggestions i see are to work on mobility and buy either briefs or a single ply suit.

    Since I have NO idea about equipment what is the best option for me, briefs or single ply suit and what is the best set of briefs or single ply suit you can buy?

    Cheers guys

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    Inzer briefs will do the trick. You don't need briefs if you want to do Westside, but I do believe they are a great tool.

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    Like Chris said, you don't need equipment to train the Westside method.

    I don't compete in the squat however I've squatted raw, wide stance for a very long time and never had an issue with my hips. I'm just careful with the max effort exercises I choose as well as varying box height.

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