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Thread: Smith machine hooks

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    Smith machine hooks

    Most smith matchine squat racks have those hooks that rotate to release from off pins and vice-versa to safely catch pins.
    When doing pulls or just about any other exercise , if that's the only bar and rack you have
    Problem is the hooks often get in the way or catch the pins when I don't want it to.
    So how do you easily keep the hooks out the way?
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    Just keep the bar rotated back with your grip?
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    ^Thanks for stating the obvious.

    That's easy enough when the weight is light. Prob is when it gets heavy, try it.
    There must be another solution besides of course find another rack.

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    You're not going to get any advice if you leave sarcastic replies to people when they're trying to help.
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    When heavy you simply have to rotate it a bit extra and control it. Yes, it is not easy. I strongly suggest you use a spotter to help you do it (and, of course, for the the spot).

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