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Thread: Struggling and need a routine

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    Struggling and need a routine

    I've been lifting for approximately 4 years seriously now. I went from 175lbs and skinny fat to 220lbs @ about 16% bf.

    I feel like I have been coasting for a couple months now and I need a reboot. I'm looking for a 2/3/4 way split. My weak parts are my chest and biceps. My goal is to continue to increase muscle mass and in the long term, get down to around 12% bodyfat but I'm in no rush.

    I'm looking for a routine to help me get back on track. Any recommendations would be great.

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    Check out our free HCT-12 download. Thousands have used the program to great success.

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    I agree with Chris. HCT-12 is the best routine I've used for adding size.
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