So my old log is gone...oh well...moving forwards

Time to Get Back to This Log Thing
So I have been in disconnect with my training log the past weeks...Sorry to all the faithful - the few and far between. Anyways, I have been busy with Highland Games, with this past weekend being my first off from competing the previous 5 weekends in a row. Had some great success! Loved every minute of it - even in the frustration and the suck. Hit plenty of all-time new Personal Bests - seriously, I hit a personal bests this fall season in every event (except Braemar - didn't throw it)! Here is where I am at going forwards:

Open Stone: 38'
HWFD: 32'
LWFD: 65'
Heavy Hammer: 74'
Light Hammer: 90'
Caber: 12:00 - just want bigger and harder cabers!
20lb Sheaf: 24'
16lb Sheaf: 29'
WOB: 13'

Super happy with the success. Becoming more consistent and competitive each games. Finally hit 30/60 in the weights too which has been a big goal of mine. Hoping this 5 month off season will add big to mu numbers as I plan to stay more consistent with practice. For now training is going to take on a lot more volume, hoping to add some lbs to my frame. Going to throw in some Oly movements 1 day per week probably, but just take it back with the super heavy loads for a bit. Planning on super high volume until New Years then transition to heavy and explosive for the first 3 months of 2014 to launch into the season.

So...Training Yesterday and today 10/27 and 10/28

Monday 10/27/13

complexes up to
185x1 x2

Back Squat (beltless and deep, oly shoes)
225x8 for 5 sets, 90 seconds rest.

Tuesday 10/28/13

Sheaf - about 20 total throws in the driveway. Actually got some half-assed spins in there too. Could develop into another tool/trick in the throwing arsenal.