Life's been random...around the work and holidays and this that and the other...So let's see if I can remember everything. Need to quit slacking on updating this dag nabbit!

12/29/13 Upper Deload

Pullup Pyramid - up to 10 reps, only back down to 8.
Some other stuff

12/30/13 Squats
only had about an hour break at work to get this in. WOO HOO!!!

up to 315x1
add belt
add knee wraps
475x1 All-time PR in wraps!!!

Lying Leg Curls 7 sets

1/1/2014 New Years Day Throwing Practice

HWFD x 10 throws
LWFD x 7 throws
Sheaf x 20ish throws

1/2/2014 Oly Lifts/Lower

Clean and Jerks
225 for 5 singles
245 for 5 singles
no misses. pretty happy with the consistency here.

Snatch Grip High Pulls from High Hang (that's a mouthful)
185 for 5x5

RDLs - 185 for 3 sets of 6

Pullups - 3x5

Lunges - 135 for 3 sets of 10 per leg

Ab Wheel - 3x6 standing

Jump Rope x some - I'm getting a little fat.