I'm 6 foot 1 weight about 180. I lost around 14 lbs while cutting but this has taken me close to 8 months or so. I've tried not to drastically change my calories but right now I'm around 2100-2200. I train about 5 days a week doing a push/pull/legs type split. My weight hasn't really budged in the last month and I want to lose another 5 lbs. My bodyfat is probably around 10%.

Seems I may have reached a plateau in with my current metabolism, calorie intake and calorie expenditure. Whats the best way to increase my deficit to continue my weight loss. Change my training split/routine(increase sets, decrease rest time?), add cardio (HIIT, low intesity steady state?, decrease calories more? I really hate cardio but I'll do it if thats the best way.

I'm trying to keep lifting heavy (sets of 5-10) to preserve muscle and trying not to go to failure because of impaired recovery.