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    What's better far as getting ripped and losing a little bit of weight(around 10 pounds)

    Lifting weights and cardio


    Bodyweight excersies(Pullups,pushups,planks,etc) and cardio

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    Senior Member Allen Cress's Avatar
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    Always lift weights to help preserve muscle and increase BMR. Proper nutrition and maybe cardio. There is no black and white answer as each person requires something a little different.

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    You want to lift heavy. As heavy as you did before you started dieting to preserve muscle like Allen is saying. You can cut your volume down since your recovery won't be as good. Check out lyle mcdonald's articles. He has a lot of science to back up his recommendations.

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    Assuming diet is identical, you could achieve your goal using either method. Lifting weights will provide much more variety and flexibility within a routine though.

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    What Allen said is 100% correct.

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