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Thread: Should I have DOMS 3 days later?

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    Should I have DOMS 3 days later?

    I started MI40 in September. Got 3 weeks in and had family over for 2 weeks. I was still getting use to a lot of the movements. I started at week 1 again.

    Both times, the first time and now this time, when I do my back/hamstring day, my hamstrings are like jello for 3 days. ETS works great for every other body part I normally suffer DOMS from. My hamstrings feel pumped and huge but they are still sore.

    Had a sports massage today. Doc said they were 'tight' and I needed to ice them. I have hamstrings again tomorrow. I like hitting them hard...I just don't want to set myself up for injury.

    NOTE: After starting MI40 I have felt soreness in areas I never previously felt sore. It's awesome to know that I'm hitting areas that, from what I can feel, haven't been properly stimulated.
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    You just got extra sore from a new training stimulus. Nothing new there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris mason View Post
    You just got extra sore from a new training stimulus. Nothing new there.
    Maybe try some foam rolling.... and certainly some advil.
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    New stimulus and a different approach to training than your are use to will typically cause soreness especially with tempo work. I've been training for 20 years and I just started my new program and I am extremely sore from head to toe. Nothing new. Just stretch, eat right, and ocassionally get deep tissue work.

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