I was doing squats today and on my second set of 315 (moderately heavy for me currently) I went down for my first rep and when I started coming out of the bottom I felt a pop in my upper quad on the outside portion. I wouldn't really say it was painful but it definitely felt odd, I was able to finish the rep but I racked the weight immediately. I am icing it as I post this and so far I have a little limp but not much pain or tenderness.

I always thought a pop feeling meant bad news (pull or tear) but I am wondering if this could be something else. Obviously I will see a doctor if it gets worse this weekend but is it possible this was my IT band rolling over something else kind like when a tendon in my shoulder makes a popping feeling when I rotate it?

Just wanted to get some thoughts from people more knowledgeable, I will be resting, icing, and some light stretching in a day or so if there isn't much pain (and if there is I will be going to the doc). Any thoughts?