What are people's experience with this? Or really any pseudo bench shirt or strap or whatever you want to call it. I know there are a few companies that make them

I haven't used one a ton, but when I have I really don't get much benefit from it.

To me the idea of using less of a bench shirt just doesn't make much sense to me.

Whenever I want to overload raw, I use boards because it's still me pushing the weight as opposed to something helping me.

I've heard the comparison to reverse bands, and I guess I could see that a little except the bench strap will effect your groove whereas the reverse bands still allow you to bench like you naturally would. That said I don't utilize reverse bands a whole lot either. .

And when I'm getting ready for an equipped meet, I wear my shirt ever third week. My experience has been when overloading week after week after week, I actually get slower and more worn out. Weights feel heavier, tendons and connective tissue gets really beat up, it doesn't help me.

I actually talked to some CF gyms in my area who said they were told to use the Slingshot in their training, which made even less sense to me lol.

But I'm interested in hearing others experiences with this type of training, slingshot or ram or the metal one.