When I workout in the morning or early afternoon, I'm fine going to sleep at night but find myself waking up earlier than I want to and then getting sleepy early in the day. When I workout closer to the evening, I sleep very well with no problem waking up after 8 hours and feeling great the whole of the next day.

The only difference in food that I can see is that I'm eating more carbs before bed on days I workout in the evening. However, I've tried to put more carbs in my evening food on days I workout in the morning or afternoon with little change. I have good and bad days. Sometimes I can wake up, stay up for an hour and go back to bed (As my shift work allows it) and feel fine. Was just wondering if anyone has had the same thing? I might be doing more evening workouts from now on just for the sleep factor alone...or just do some HIIT at home and see if that helps.