Still using Nitrean+ as well as a pretty cleaned up diet

Went from 250lbs down to 180lbs now I'm currently bulking and up to 215lb this has been since Jan 2013, going to go back to cutting after the new year begins. It was my first time cutting and bulking and being serious about it so I think I may of gained a bit more fat then I wanted but my lifts have gone up so much I just been staying consistent

My main lifts are:

Deadlift 405lbs 1X
Bench 205 5x5
Barbell press 155 5x5
Squat 275 5x5
Row 175 5x5

I haven't tried my rep max except on deadlift mostly because I don't have a spotter, what do you think of my lifts? does anything need improved or look like it should be higher?