I've had shoulder pain for the last 4-6 months when doing bench & shoulder press. I can do heavy back, bicep, triceps and even shrugs with no pain whatsoever, but for some reason the "push" motion was bothering me quite a bit.

I finally went to the doctor and after some tests was diagnosed with rotator cuff tendonitis, and recommended I start with physical therapy for a few weeks, and if the problem persists they'd do an MRI to check for a tear, and if that's all good a steroid shot.

Unfortunately after 1 PT session and doing the rotator cuff exercises at home, the shoulder feels worse. The pain is still very specific as I describe above...today I shrugged 90 lb dumbbells with no problem, but then tried a "pec dec" machine on the lightest setting and it hurt pretty bad. I realize it's only 1 PT session so far, so I don't want to jump to conclusions though.

Just curious if anybody has been through something similar, and what the result was? Sound serious, or is this something I just need to work though with continuing PT, etc.?