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Thread: RESULTS will be back, right?

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    RESULTS will be back, right?

    I know the message says November...but I'm on my last weeks worth. I use Results as my mid-workout carb drink and it pushes me through to the end of my session at the gym (MI40). I love my Results.

    I can't get dextrose where I am. Is there something else I can mix with creatine (I do have some ALN creatine) that would be able to act in a similar way as dextrose? Obviously not beta alenine or HMB to be had here either...would there be something, anything, that could (Even to a lesser degree) help with energy? I'm kinda hoping something I can get at the supermarket.

    Results...where are you hiding...
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    It is going to be December, but yes, 100% it will be back. I might make a formulation change. I am testing a new ingredient right now.

    It's hard for me to make a suggestion without knowing what you have access to?
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    You could build your own through amazon for the time being. It won't be flavored and I would wager it will cost more per serving but the ingredients are there.

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