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Thread: Getting back into routine .. help

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    Getting back into routine .. help

    Hi everyone,

    Im a 22 year old guy, and about 18 months ago I commited myself to a strict routine in order to gain bulk and build good tone. For about 6 months i succeeded in my strict regiment, and made significant gains. I had to stop training for about a year because of a variety of reasons.

    While I was training I was taking small portions of creatine and protein powder and I would be lying if i didnt say that they had in one way or another helped me reach my goals. I gained about 20lbs, and felt much stronger then years past.

    Now that Ive stopped for a year I want to restart my earlier routines but do not want to take creatine, and would prefer to avoid any kind of powders and want to workout without any supplments (except for real food and fruits).

    My problem is that it seems extremely difficult for me to get a good burn now that I am returning to a routine. Workout Progression seems extremely hampered, and i get tired quite quickly into my reps, way before I get the burn i want in.

    My question is whats the best way to go about getting back into a routine and getting around this fatigue. What kind of reeal foods will help me avoid early fatigue, what time of the day is best to work out, and when should i eat (how many minutes before or after workout).

    I know that a personal trainer is a good idea, but I'd appreciate any suggestions you guys can give me on how to get back into a workable routine without killin myself.


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    PT's suck

    First off you gotta start out slow, which could be a cause of the fatigue. It will take your nervous system a couple of weeks to get back into things.

    Another cause of the fatigue could be diet, maybe you aren't eating enough, maybe your'e eating the wrong stuff, I don't know.

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    what kind of foods are good to avoid when eating out.
    I have the ability to pretty much gorge myself without gaining much if any weight. In many respects im a hard gainer, but if I really really pack in the food I can gain weight.


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