junior 82.5kg full power raw
weighed in at 78.8kg

1st attempt: 180kg good lift (original opener was 185kg,didnt feel great warming up so i decided to be safer)
2nd attempt: 190kg good lift
3rd attempt: 201kg good lift, new irish record and PR

1st attempt: 115kg good lift (original opener was 120kg)
2nd attempt: 120kg good lift
3rd attempt: 125kg good lift
4th attempt: 131kg no lift
wasnt really looking for anything on the bench, the 130kg record i set last year still stands, but i gave it a shot anyway)

1st attempt: 210kg good lift
2nd attempt: 220kg good lift
3rd attempt: 225kg good lift

total: 551kg (beating the record i set last year at 547.5kg)

i wanted a 4th deadlift attempt at 230kg for a bigger total and a all time PR, but since it wouldnt be a deadlift record it wasnt allowed. so i kinda regret opening so light, oh well live and learn i guess.

was very happy with my numbers and once i got on the platform everything fell into place.