I'm more referring to extenuating circumstances that cause you prolonged amounts of stress that are far beyond your normal amounts.

How does it effect your training?

I've found for me, singular events that are far over the top of what you're used to can really ruin your training progress.

I've never really considered it before but from a training aspect I found the correlation interesting. So I did lots of reading on cortisol release during these events and whatnot and really the havoc it can wreck on your central nervous system. It took me about a month and a half to come back to gaining the rate of progression I was at before.

This may have been for several reasons. The first being that when I sensed the lack in progression I worked about twice as hard as I had before, which may have actually hurt me physically but mentally it at least soothed my psyche lol.

The second being that when progress stops, it takes twice the amount of energy to get it started again.

Stress management obviously can take shape in various forms as well as depending on what type of stress it is. In this situation for me there wasn't an easily fixable solution.

Curious as I'm sure others have gone though stuff like this as well what the effect on their training was.