so heres the back story...afew years ago i fractured the scaphoid bone in my left wrist while playing football. for many reasons, i never got it looked at until last year. after afew xrays and scans, I have to get a operation in two weeks time to screw the bone together.

when the fracture was still new and would hurt like hell and swell up if it got a knock, surprisingly i could still bench press and press dumbbells no problem. i couldn't touch curls, skullcrushers -basically any exercise where the weight is kind of in the back of your hand, pulling back. hammer curls and skullcrushers with dumbbells (palms facing in) were totally fine.

but after the surgery i dont know what it will be like, i will just go by feel. if it hurts, i wont do it. so while my bench press is taking the back seat for a while, i want to focus my attention on the squat and deadlift. im just no sure whats the smartest way to go about doing that...any ideas??