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Thread: Building Better Biceps

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    Building Better Biceps

    One of the biggest mistakes lifters make is to start the movement by launching the bar or dumbbell with momentum. Creating momentum at the waist causes the lifter to lean back, moving the tension from the biceps to other muscle groups. Lifters often cheat at biceps exercises when it gets most difficult, usually at the 90-degree angle. However, working through that sticking point will truly enhance overall improvement in the biceps. The desire to cheat by launching the weight with momentum is natural, but the best results will come if you force yourself to work harder when it gets harder

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    Funny the man with arguably the best biceps of his time used cheat curls quite a bit. Re; Arnold.

    I'm not saying cheat from the start, keep form strict until the weight becomes physically impossible to move. After that a little body english to move the weight to get the reps in is not an issue for most people, and can force growth.

    Are you copy/pasting these random tid bits of information each day?
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    The idea you have presented is arguable. Most of the biggest and strongest men in the world do use momentum when training their biceps. I do feel that controlled and "stricter" form is better, but that being excessively so is not optimal. Another effective approach is a combination of both as suggested above. You can start a set with extremely controlled form and then loosen up just enough to get some additional reps. Alternatively, you do a couple of sets using a "looser" form with a bit of momentum and then finish off with a couple of very strict sets.

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