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    A Monday to Remember Sale! 12/16/13

    Try Nitrean+ BLACK Series and SAVE!


    Save: 25% off all of the products in your cart (just include a Nitrean+ BLACK)
    As you probably know by now we have just launched our new Nitrean+ BLACK Series. We have thus far received rave reviews, but we know that all of our customers going way back to our humble beginnings in 2003 have not yet given the product a try. To that end, if you liked the flavoring of our original Nitrean offering, this product is VERY similar. The difference, and the difference between it and our 2nd generation product Nitrean+ is that each 31g serving contains a different ratio of whey protein isolate, casein, and egg proteins. It still contains the basic backbone of whey isolate, concentrate, and hydrolyzed whey as well as casein and egg proteins and the supercharging of 5g of leucine (a very potent BCAA) per serving, but it varies by including a greater dose of the more potent whey isolate, hydrolyzed whey, casein, and egg proteins and less whey concentrate per serving. This alternation of the formulation makes it, by a significant margin, the most effective gram for gram supplemental protein you can buy. What makes it even more impressive, and why we can say it is the absolute best protein supplement on the market, is you get superior results AND it is very reasonably priced when considering what it is and does (of course a sale makes it ever BETTER).

    By the way, donít mistake the above, we have sold a TON of this product so far and are continuously having it produced to keep up with demand. Our sales can be wildly successful (it is hard to predict the response we will get), so we urge you to order early in the event orders exhaust our inventory. Worst case, if the sale is a crazy success, we will ship within a couple of weeks as our next production run will be complete by then.

    Order now!
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