Basically, I squat on Monday and DL on Friday, but, due to knee injuries and bad squat form, squats are killing my knees and my back. However, I seem to have no problem with deadlift. I can brace easier, it hits my posterior chain better, which is important for me, since I'm a runningback, and it really just adds thick armor-like muscle to my back.

I have heard of other people DLing 2x/week with success, but I'm just not sure how to adjust the volume. I'm used to doing high-volume work (Sheiko), but I'm assuming that I should do no more than about 3 x 5 @75% for the DL days? Would that seem right?

I'm not too concerned about having a high squat number, I'd just like a bigger deadlift number and be able to run faster.

Deadlift doesn't make my arthritic knees worse, I have no back pain, and I get more CNS stimulation and grip strength gains from it. How much volume and intensity would you guys recommend?