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    Hi guys. In June I was rushed to Hospital due to difficulty breathing, diziness and water retention build up in my ankles and waist. I found out that day my Heart was failing and spent the next few weeks there under care being pumped full of Diuretics and being given a number of Medications unsure of whether I was going to recover.

    When I got out I'd gone from 225lbs to 198 and lost everything I'd built. I spent the next few months recovering and at first couldnt even go upstairs to the Toilet by myself without getting breathless and having to rest.

    When I was able to get up and about by myself I started going to see a Physiotherapist to do some low level cardio and a few weeks after a friend of mine started taking me back to the Gym to do some light weights (against the Physios recommendation but I just became too frustrated laying doing nothing all the time).

    I'm now nearly back to the level I was strength and size wise in a fraction of the time after getting back into it with a renewed passion for Lifting and life in general.

    Here's the progress I've made in 16 weeks -

    Flat BB Bench
    Week 1 = 50kg x 5
    Week 16 = 85kg x 6, 115kg x 1

    BB Squats
    Week 1 = 55kg x 5
    Week 16 = 92.5kg x 6, 140kg x 1

    Military Press
    Week 1 = 30kg x 5
    Week 16 =57.5kg x 6, 85kg x 1

    Week 4 = 90kg x 5
    Week 16 = 142.5kg x 6, 180kg x 1

    My weight is up from 198lbs to 226 this morning.

    Apologies for the long post but I'm pretty pleased with myself and it just go's to show what can be done with motivation, some training knowledge and plenty of good food!

    Annoys me even more now when people make excuses like that they cant Squat due to bad Knee's or whatever. Haha
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    Deadlift 429lbs (Target 440lbs)
    BIG 3 TOTAL at 220lbs (28% BF) = 1089lbs
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