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Thread: Question for those who have two upper days

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    Question for those who have two upper days

    I have two bench days. For those who do the same, who prefers doing all upper body both days versus splitting them into a predominantly push chest/shoulders/tri day and a pull back/biceps day?

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    I like doing full-body. I got used to it after Sheiko. With that being said, my experience doesn't really apply here, since the only real upper body work I do is simply to improve my OHP and maintain my chest (usually just 3 sets of 8 chest flies).

    I found that once I got close to a 44 plate bench (not that great, I know), it wasn't really worth it anymore. It just made my physique look stupid (big chest, small shoulders and triceps).

    Here's how I see it:

    I'll always be able to bench at least 100+ pounds more than I can OHP. If I can get my OHP to 3 plates, I'll be able to do a 4-plate bench without even hitting chest that hard.


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    I have a heavy bench day, and then I bench a second time on "shoulder day" - usually higher volume incline or close grip. I work my back on a different day, after some type of pull variation.
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    I do one pressing and one rowing day. My shoulders don't recover if I press twice a week. I've also made much better gains in rowing movements since dedicating a day to it.
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    I have been doing 3 upper body days usually every 8-9days. Only one is a bench day with chest/triceps, shoulders/arms separate day (although I only do shoulders every couple weeks not every week), and back separate day. I have always thought there are way too many things to do as far as upper body to be all in one day, or even two is hard to fit in without alternating some things one week and some the next.
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    All accessory work on ME day is done to heavy sets of 8 or so for me. 2 - 3 tricep movements, 2-3 back movements and finishing with rear delts and some lateral raises.

    DE day is pretty much the same except all the stuff is done to sets of 12-15 and often times I superset the movements to keep things going.

    max effort days are brutal.

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    I like to split mine up. Chest, shoulders tris one day and back, biceps, upper back the next.
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    I split mine up. I do Chest, delts, & triceps on Wednesday's and on Friday's I hit Upper Back/Lats, Traps/neck, & biceps.
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    i prefer to not split it up, i like training back twice a week... on ME day i generally use barbells only, for pressing, rowing and extensions. on DE day i will use mostly dumbbells for similar rep ranges, but obviously the weight used when using dumbbells vs barbells is less. that way i only have a heavy bar in my hands once a week and im always excited about ME days. so mentally and physically its a plus for me
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    On ME days I do 4 sets of 10 with all my accessory. Tris, shoulders, back and bi.
    On DE days I do 3 sets of 15

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    I guess I have 3 or 4. I have one main bench day, a close grip bench day, and an overhead press day. Then, Ill usually have a day dedicated to just rowing movements.

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    I like doing full upper body each day. On de day I do speed bench superset with chins, a second pressing exercise superset with rows, flys superset with more lats, then bis and tris superset. Get lots of lat volume and the short rest makes it really hard. My bench had really taken off with this training. ME day is like this, but the first exercise is not superset obviously.

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    I definitely prefer to do my whole upper body. With that said, it is just pressing, upper back, and triceps work.

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