After several starts and stops at training I finally got back in the saddle 6 month ago and am making my comeback meet tomarrow in Moody, Al. at the APF Alabama. Bench training went well the whole 6 month but I lost 6 weeks after tearing my left hamstring (blue from butt to calf). So I lost 6 weeks of deads and squat training bt still should do ok for just getting back. I wanted to learn how my body would deal with peaking with one kidney and I think I planned it well and safely. I've dropped to the 242's. Weighed in this AM at 241.8. I'm about 255 about 5:00pm; about my everyday weight now. I do have one main goal at this meet. To Top the 'Best of the Best' ranks at PLWatch. It's 726 at 242 over 50 single ply. I'll open real light at about 633 and decide if I should do a second somewhere in between or just take 733 on the second. I have the top ranked squat at 275 @ 804 and at 308 @ 830 on their list. I'll post back with my results. When I wasn't training for so long I really got out of the habit of stopping in on the PL forums.