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Thread: I know its not recommended

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    I know its not recommended

    Anyone use both the pre-workout mix and also drink some coffee in a relatively close time span?

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    I have once and it was a horrible mistake. I think I used Jacked. Which by itselfs already made me shaky. Together I was ready to go to the hospital. I couldn't even stand.
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    Yes, I don't like it, makes me feel like what I'd guess a meth addict would feel like. (Drug interdiction classes, no personal experience, jerks). I've taken my ECA and C4 relatively close together, shakes and jittery. I don't mind the focus and intensity I get, just the shakes that bother me. I've learned if I do this, I can take my ECA, eat some peanut butter, then take a Pre WO, it's not bad.
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    i do, no problem for me

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    Depends on the preworkout and the amount of coffee. I got a free sample of NOExplode one time so I figured why the hell not. Took the whole thing which has something like 325mg of caffeine and holy shit that stuff rocked me. I have four shots of espresso every morning to start my day that barely phases me so I figured I could handle that no problem. I would hate to have coffee with that stuff. I have had some other preworkouts that weren't nearly as high in caffeine and I could easily have a cup of normal strength coffee with it.

    If you want to drink coffee that bad and workout in the morning I would just get the other active ingredients in bulk and take those before your workout and have your coffee. Coffee is the one thing that keeps me from ever trying IF, I like my coffee with half and half way too much, could skip the rest of breakfast no problem.

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    Haven't done pre-workouts in years in order to obey the NCAA testing rules. Most of the content in major brands would test positive in a heart beat.

    I've stuck with coffee in the off season. Sometimes mix it with pepsi in order to get "hyphe mud" or whatever it's called. Basically a prison pre-workout solution lol.
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    I do and it doesn't bother me at all. I have a pretty high tolerance to caffeine though even though I don't consume much more than 2 cups of coffee a day.

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    The answer to the question is individual. I am so inured to caffeine these days I can do it no problem, but for some it would be a major concern. That is why we recommend against it.

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