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Thread: Hand Tremors

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    Hand Tremors

    Anyone here have success with any therapies (pharmaceutical or otherwise) for controlling hand tremors? I slowly developed this over the last 4 years, mainly in my left thumb. I hate it and would really like to get it treated successfully. Doc appt is in January.
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    ive been dealing with hand tremors for years. There isnt much you can do. If you drink a lot of caffeine, take that out of your diet, that may help.

    Theres medications, Ive tried 2 and didn't notice anything with one and the other did help but if i was concentrating on something in front of me and then looked away i would get dizzy and my eyes would have a hard time adjusting. Also Im not a big fan of daily meds so i dont take them anymore.

    Ive also been told of some kind of brain surgery, if you have familial or essential (same thing) tremors. I dont know much about it, but when i was told by the doctor about it, he mentioned it wasnt guaranteed so i didnt give it a thought.

    My best advice for you would be to first visit a neurologist to see if it actually is familial tremors or something else. If it is, take caffeine out of your diet, eat healthy, dont skip meals, and try to take stress out of your life. Its what has helped me deal with mine. Hope this helps.

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