I injured my left shoulder or something about 9 months ago and couldn't bench or anything. I was stupid at first because I trained on it, oblivious to the damage is was doing.

Tried to go to a physiotherapist and it didn't work. Fast forward a few months of enduring the Pain and I'm now in france. I went to a supposed "sports injury" specialist. He did the basic tests to using my arm to see where the damage was. He said it wasn't to serious and gave me some sort of injection, followed by icing everyday and a 2nd injection in 7 days. Did it but didn't help.

I tried going to the hospital one day saying I'd just injured my shoulder the same day, and they took me in, did an xray and basically knew I was lying about how I injured myself. They said it was tendinitis. They prescribed anti-inflammatories and 10 sessions with some guy who would run electrical currents through my shoulder with a patch, followed by icing.

Did my last session over a month ago, and aswell as being slightly poorer than before, I still have this injury that won't go away.

Why won't my injury heal? I've done everything that's been prescribed to a T, yet I still can't use my arm without shoulder pain.

What's the next step? Should I do an MRI scan? I can't bare this anymore.