I've been experiencing some discomfort in my left elbow. Laying my arm flat, palms up, the pain is on the outside area, right at the crease. The pic below marked in green is where the pain lies. It's not constant. No bruising, swelling or redness. It only occurs when I bench or DL and goes away after a bit of rest. This is my overhand side on dead lifts. I'm freaking myself out over a torn bicep unfortunately. When I'm training I don't think about it, it doesn't hurt until I'm done lifting. I'm going to rest it for a week during a deload of doing absolutely nothing, but was curious if anyone's undergone anything similar? I don't think the pain is great enough to warrant a Dr. visit, and it's not in any way debilitating. I can turn a screwdriver with no pain, no issues at all. Full mobility.