Just got a blood test back. All was good except for two numbers where high, the first was my hematocrit which was 52. The it should be between 39.9 and 51.8 (So just over). Doctor suggested donating blood and getting more fluids in.

The second number the doctor seemed less concerned about but I thought I would ask here, and that is the CK (Creatine Kinase Levels) levels. 4 days leading to the blood test I was in the middle of MI40 intense training. My numbers came back at double to normal levels. I was at 480 when they should've been between 55 to 188. Doctor said I was a big boy with plenty of muscle and working hard and that it was likely skeletal muscle breakdown.

Anyone on here familiar with this? Is this a sign of over-training? Doctor said not to worry about it and we'd do another test after the holidays (And 2 weeks off from the gym).