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Thread: The Power of Sleep

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    I've been having considerable trouble getting my 8 hours of sleep nightly. Over the counter sleep aids didn't work, those dumb little "sleep exercises" didn't work, herbal remedies didn't work, nothing worked.

    Numerous attempts for a prescription sleep aid failed (my doctor sucked), so i went to a different doctor. Finally, a doctor with some common sense - i can't sleep when i'm supposed to, so i need a sleep aid. Simple.

    So the doctor prescribed me some "Ambien".

    This is a 30 day supply, supposed to get my back on track with my "sleep cycle". You know, most people sleep from 8-10pm, to 6-8am. I slept from 6am, to 3-4pm. Doesn't exactly fit society.

    Anyway, the first time i took this sh*t it knocked me out, and i slept through the night, perfectly. I guess this stuff only stays in your system for 4 hours, so you don't wake up with that "groggy" feeling. The results kept up, every night i was sleeping at 8pm. WooHoo.

    What are the results of this increase in sleep?

    Amazing increases in exercise performance. I used to "gas out" midway through a workout, robbing my muscles of stimulation. Now i power right through to the end, maximum intensity.

    Increased progression. Due to increased consistency, increased exercise performance, and increased recovery ability.

    Increased motivation.

    And the number one power of sleep...

    Increased RESULTS.

    If your training routine and your diet are both in order, and you are wondering why you aren't achieving the results you expect, take a look at your sleeping patterns. It just may be the limiting factor in your bodybuilding progress.

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    Mystic Eric
    Originally posted by Cackerot69
    You know, most people sleep from 8-10pm, to 6-8am. I slept from 6am, to 3-4pm. Doesn't exactly fit society.

    hahhaahah lmao. cack, you are a character.

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    Yes Cack, but i bet you're still a skinny little fool.
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    don't call him skinny anymore, call him 30% bf fatty

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    Aren't you a little young to start using sleeping pills?
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    ive had bouts with insomnia since i was about 14, im 28 and still get it now and again. anyone know anything on restinol as compared to ambien?
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    Sleeping is definitely one of my favorite activities. Unless it's really hot in my bedroom. Then it sucks.

    I've found using melatonin beneficial for promoting healthy sleep patterns. Occasionally, I'll be a little wired at night for whatever reason and if I take 1 or 2 melatonin pills, within 30-60 minutes, I'll calm down and be ready for bed. It won't knock you out, but it should make you a little lethargic. Melatonin helps you get to stage 3(deep) sleep faster. Regardless of the time you sleep, the longer you are in "deep sleep," the better.
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