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Thread: Question about binging and protein

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    Question about binging and protein

    So binge eating happens on occasion for me. This is especially true around the holidays. The question I have is about protein consumption on those days. I have eating at least my bodyweight in grams of protein a day totally ingrained in me. When a binge happens I still make sure to get at least 300 grams of protein in. With that, if I binge and am 1,000+ calories over maintenance, how many grams of protein do I really need that day?

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    I feel like this can go either way, especially since no one is 100% sure how our bodies react to a lot of hypothetical situations, but my opinion would be somewhere near the regular amount.
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    When I binge I make sure my protein stays at least at my normal consumption but with the increase in food, I usually hit quite a bit more than a normal days worth for me.
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