Alright everyone this is going to be my first journal and i'm pretty pumped! I fractured 2 vertebrae in my lower back about 3.5 months ago and now I've been released to slowly start lifting weights with my lower body. Bad news is I have put on quite a bit of weight, sadly. I've gone from 185-215 in a little over a year, and i'm tired of it so this will be the road to losing the weight. My squats will be low in the beginning and i won't be deadlifting for probably another month(Doctors orders.) The plan is to weigh in every Sunday morning. I'm not huge on weighing a lot, messes with the mind!

Current Stats
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 215
Bf%: 20%

Bench: 260
Squat: 315
Deadlift: 385

In the beginning nothing special but after i get into this cut i will probably be starting Intermittent Fasting, I've had success in the past with it and will eventually start back on it.

Macros go as follows:
Protein: 185g
Fat: 60g
Carbs: 160g

I'll be trying to hit these everyday which will be about 1900kcals. But there will be low carb days and some alterations like that. These are just the main macros. My diet won't be super strict everyday, but it's not going to be loose either.

Since i take a weightlifting as a class during school i'll have that be my weightlifting workout, it's only a 45 minute class sadly but it'll do. I'll be following my coaches training program which consists of 4 weightlifting days(Mon-Thurs) and Friday will be usually some sort of cardio or a lightweight full body circuit.

As for cardio.. I'll be trying to get in about 4 days a week. Most of the sessions will be HIIT on the treadmill or some other treadmill work. Once it gets warmer outside ill be running or biking. I absolutely hate cardio with a passion so this will be tough haha. I have a sneaky suspension i will be suffering through the first week or so of cardio. Since i haven't had a hardcore cardio session since before i got hurt during football.

The main goal for right now will be to get down around 190lbs. As for body fat i'd like to be in between 14-16%. I know i'm going to be sacraficing some muscle during the cut but my main focus will be strengthening my lower and upper back, this has always been a weakness for me. I am also hoping to be squatting like i used to by the end of this cycle.

I'm planning on cutting until the end of school and seeing where my progress is by then. I'm mainly doing this journal for personal motivation but feel free to comment, critique, and make suggestions! I'm always ready to learn!