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Thread: Signs you need some time off

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    Signs you need some time off

    I think many of us who have been around a while start to know when we need to unload (I stole that from Frey, because I hate the term deload. I can't bring myself to use the same term that lifters who can barely lift their bodyweight use and implement once a month). Anyway, I have two distinct signs. One is when I don't want to train. That is a very rare feeling. However, it needs to be coupled with something for me to take it easy. It will either be with very sore, almost broken feeling forearms. Or, my hands will be so swollen they feel like concrete blocks at the end of my arms.

    What are your signs?
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    When I look at the calendar and see a meet the following week haha

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    Week 4 of every mini cycle. I keep it simple.
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    Either having no desire to train OR weights stall/go backwards in 2-3 workouts in a row.

    If I have one bad here and there, its not a reason to take a break. But if I'm dragging my ass and easy weights start feeling heavy time to back off.

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    Of course shit always aches but when my body really starts screaming at me (wrists, elbows, knees), I know it's time to back off a little bit. I've never really lost the desire to train, but I do notice I start requiring a lot more sleep as well. Normally I get a solid 8 - 9 hours but when I start feeling really beat up I'm usually passing out an hour or two earlier at night and taking naps during the day.
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    I almost always have to take a nap after doing legs. As far as taking breaks. Ive been on a break fro about 4 weeks now due to straining my rotator cuff. I was really worried it wouldn't heal, but at this point, the pain is almost gone so I can begin slowly rehabbing it. - Comprehensive pre workout reviews
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