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Thread: How many of you use lifting straps

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    How many of you use lifting straps

    I hate using them. I feel like a terrible wuss. However, sometimes my biceps are in such bad repair that they really help. I still fight off using them though. Also, it's not a an excuse to not rehab my biceps. I do that pretty regularly. Just too far gone I suppose.

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    For deads? I've tried them, if it wasn't for the feeling of them under my hand between the bar I'd use them for training, saving my hands for ME days. Tearing callouses on rep day is getting old. In my opinion, DL grip gets worked enough with other things that unless you have noticeable grip issues while deadlifting, using straps likely won't hinder anything. I do use them for rows and heavy db rows though. I'm not working grip (grip nazi's chime in here, always workin' grip brah!) but I'm aiming to target a specific muscle. Doing high rep rows, if my grip fails on the 40th rep, it doesn't do my back any good.
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    Never on deadlifts. If I want to be able to use anywhere near the amount that my body can handle on rows or shrugs then I use straps. I have not had any issues with grip on max pulls.
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    not a fan of them, i dont feel like i can get a tight grip around the bar and are generally just awkward to use. however with DB rows they are a must, regardless of rep range, i can concentrate on the muscle much more and also lets me knock out nearly half a dozen more reps.
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    vincent in your case I can completely understand using them. With your biceps and elbows in the shape they are holding onto weight I'm sure would be rather difficult. Plus since you don't really need to worry about holding onto a deadlift in a full meet I don't see any reason why not to.

    I do find that deadlifts can be the cause of my elbows being beat up. Never thought of using straps but I may now that I think about it haha.

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    I never use them for regular deadlifts. If I do, It'll to be with a snatch grip. Block, rack pulls...depends, heavy barbell shrugs...yes, heavy barbell rows...yes! Everything else, pulldowns, DB rows, light barbell!
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    I do. I can pull more over under than I can with straps. So my grip is strong enough for my pull. I don't need the extra wear and tear on my biceps and elbows, they take enough beating from fighting.

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    I haven't used them for a long time on anything. I'm not even sure if I still own a pair. I did that by accident mostly as I kept forgetting them when I went to the ymca. I wouldn't push it though if I had bicep pain. You don't get extra points for being tough in the basement lol.
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    I just use them for barbell rows if I go heavy or for shrugs the occasional time that I still use a bar for them. I would (and used to) use them for db rows if I have access to heavier dbs. I don't have grip issues on deadlifts or anything else, so I don't use them for anything else. Only a couple times I used them for pulling after tearing a callous, or if I happen to want to use an extra wide grip overhand.

    However, I think if a movement feels better and less painful having them on, I think there's no reason not to use them then. That's pretty much how I feel about anything in training, especially in anything that is not a lift you are competing in.
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