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Thread: Is more sweat, heat, better when in the gym?

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    Is more sweat, heat, better when in the gym?

    Kind of a weird question I guess...but please bare with me

    I've seen guys at the gym where the barely-a-tank-tops and my guess is that it's for comfort, less in the way during upper body workouts (Correct me if I'm wrong). Then I see guys where sweatshirts, with their hoods covering them, sweating profusely. All I could gather would be that they are doing this on purpose for some reason and I don't know why? Some guys go the extra mile and wear a baseball cap under all that.

    The other day I tried the sweatshirt with hoodie. I have to say, I felt great. I was drinking WAY more water/electrolyte/BCAA drink to stay well hydrated but at the end I felt better. Perhaps a placebo effect? By sweating more am I doing something good/bad?

    Also, with the hoodie up, it actually felt like I was all alone...I don't know if that's the reason others do it, but it had me more focused.

    So, is a good sweat always better? Or is it doing something I don't know and should know? I also found, especially now with this cold as f**k winter that the slightest breeze that comes into the gym because somebody has decided it's hot and opens a window for a second, makes me feel a bit sick/dizzy.

    Any science to this? Or is it way more simple than I'm making it out to be?
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    The only possible advantage would be keeping your body a bit warmer overall, but that would not make a difference in most climate controlled gyms.

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    I'd rather be a little warm than be too cold, but it doesn't matter much.

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    I wonder if there is an age correlation with the tank top crowd vs. the sweatshirt crowd?

    I'm speculating that some of the older guys like the sweatshirt to keep achy joints warm or hide some aging/sagging muscle.

    There are some who ignorantly dress up in more layers trying to burn more calories since they are sweating more.

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    Comfort, warmth. I like wearing long sleeve shirts or hoodies while getting warmed up. Especially in the garage this time of year, it's 30 degrees in there, no heat.
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    Im just spent 1 week in egypt, weather was like 25-30C, since where i live its 8-12C most of the year! I was so sweaty and exhausted after around 30min I had no choice but to split each workout over two days
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    Another possible reason> some guys like to cover up as they are getting leaner and freakier looking before a contest. They also don't want to show the competition what they are up against until the very day they are all up on stage.

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    ^ That's true for a lot of the IFBB guys

    For me, I hate wearing a sweatshirt or long sleeve shirt, summer or winter. However I do feel my body warm up much better in the winter when I'm wearing the warm clothes. As I get warmer I'll take it off.

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