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Thread: Next step for shoulder issue?

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    Next step for shoulder issue?

    My shoulder has been injured for over 10 months, I've already posted about it a few times on here.

    I've spent all my available money on an MRI scan hoping to get some serious answers from it, instead my doctor just told me the same shit I already know. He said it was a tendon injury in the shoulder from bench press, because I clearly didn't know that.

    Now this is the part that's really getting to me, he recommends I go see a physio. I've already seen one many MONTHS ago and he couldn't do anything for my injury. Infact, all the stretching and pulling made my shoulder feel worse, and there's proof it didn't work, because I'm still injured...

    So now I'm broke and back to square one. I'm gonna see my doctor Tommorow for a real discussion, but right now I don't even know what I'm meant to be waiting in, I'm just injured and have to accept it.

    Does anyone have any suggestions that don't involve twisting the shit out of my shoulder joint? I've done physio sessions, got some injections(maybe not cortisone), done an X-ray, took anti-inflammatories and now done an MRI, and for some reason my life is still a piece of shit.
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