It's Tuesday night where I am. Friday I was at the gym, Saturday I was off, wanted to go Sunday but had this knot like feeling in my neck on the right side that went down the side of my shoulder. I decided to take a painkiller but that didn't work. Went to the gym anyways BUT the gym was closed (And I had already taken my preworkout) So I did some leg exercises at home. Took a hot shower, pointed it right at my neck. Massaged the area but really couldn't pinpoint where the pain was actually coming from. Monday, wanted to go to the gym but decided to give it another day off just in case. The pain is dull, but it's constant so I'm getting a headache later in the day with it.

I went to the gym to work up a sweat. Did HIIT. Pain went away while at the gym and feeling hot. Came back once I hit the frigged outside. Going into the doctors tomorrow. They'll likely order a CAT scan. Wondering if anyone has any ideas? I can't think of having put any pressure on my neck or back. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened. I know only a doctor will be able to tell me for sure but I thought I would ask anyways.