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    Charles Fay Training Log Nummer Zwei

    I had a log on this website for a good while, unfortunately when the site crashed, my logs were lost here and i did not start up again and just maintained my log on the badattitude website. For anyone interested i have competed in the 275 and 308 weight classes, multi ply in the APF. My best lifts are 1058, 660, 733 2414@275 and 1008, 688, 738 2424@308. My last meet was southern states where i did pretty well but tore my already damage pec on my left side. As a result i have been gradually coming back from that and have been doing alot of highland games practice. I competed at my 2nd games in January and got PRs in the weight for height with 14ft and the heavy hammer with 74' 10. I am just an Amatuer B in Highland games and dont have a throwing background, so it is not natural for me and i have alot of improvement. I compete again march 1 in Ft Lauderdale. Hopefully i can get back on the platform this fall. Otherwise i am a Firefighter/Paramedic at a very busy fire department and am a very new parent, so i work my training around my life and work.
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