This past week I went to Columbus to get a few workouts in with John Meadows. We trained Legs, Chest, and Back. We talked shop for about 90 min after each workout bouncing ideas off each other and talked about some of the things we did back in the day. I also had John look at my posing and made some tweaks to bring out my best. We were going to train at Elite fts but Dave was in the Bahamas. It was a great time and I will be heading back up in about 4-5 weeks to do it again and I'll be about 5 weeks out from my contest. John's a very humble and genuine guy and it was nice to talk to someone who has been in this industry as long as I have and made some of the same dumb mistakes along the way.

Here is a video of a triple set we did on Leg day. We did 6 rounds of this and this is the last round. This was after 5 sets leg curls and 4 sets leg extensions. We ended the workout with standing leg curls and glute work.