I had some blood tests done and my HCT (hematocrit) was on the higher end of normal at 49.5 (under 51.8 is healthy) Doctor told me to donate blood to bring it down. Had no reason to give me for why it's up. I have sleep apnea so that could be one reason (Although I use an APAP).

My science sucks, so tell me if I'm wrong. With a higher HCT your blood is 'thicker'. In order to thin it out you could mega-dose with fish oil...couldn't you? Or would this be ineffective? I'm currently taking 8 caps a day and saw a small increase in my HDL which was good. However, I wonder if going to 12 caps a day would be OK?

I was finally able to donate blood last week. It was hard because of all the Japanese I have to read (And I can't really read Japanese well). Not sure how much HCT drops with a blood donation. I'll know more next month I guess. But any advice would be great.