I have learned a lot from CrossFit and think overall it has done more benefit for fitness than harm.

I think it has really expanded using barbells especially for olympic lifting and to some extent powerlifting. I also think it has broadened they way a lot of people train even if they don't CF. Early on I felt training was weights and then running. Some type of bodybuilding routine say 3-4 exercises for 3-4 sets for 8-12 reps (or some permutation of that) then do some cardio. I think CF help popularize metabolic conditioning and many other fitness domains in between weights and cardio outside of sport.

I feel it also helped bring back explosive work into the training of non-athletes.

I know Crossfit didn't create the concepts, but certainly helped bring these ideas to the forefront.

Obviously it will continue to evolve. What things would you make different or what things have you gleamed from crossfit?