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The number one factor that differentiates AtLarge Nutrition from its competition is its owner, Chris Mason. AtLarge is truly a reflection of Chris. Profit is important, but what is most important is offering the highest quality, most effective products on the market for a reasonable price. In fact, one of the main reasons he started the company was because he had wasted so much money over the years on bogus and or ineffective products. He felt there had to be a niche for a company that ONLY offered products with proven ingredients, and most importantly, at proven doses. This credo is pervasive in our product line and that combined with our requirement to only use the highest quality ingredients (to include flavoring systems) makes our entire line the finest in the industry.

This commitment to quality and unwavering focus on only producing efficacious products has resulted in accolades from all corners of the fitness world. Menís Health magazine ( chose our Nitrean series as the ďBest Protein for MenĒ four consecutive years. Louie Simmons, the world famous strength athlete, strength and performance coach, owner of Westside Barbell (, and inventor of the game changing Reverse Hyperģ training device has endorsed our products and provided them to his stable of world record setting athletes. Some of the best CrossFit athletes in the world have used and endorsed our products. We havenít paid for these accolades and endorsements like so many other companies; we have earned them by our aforementioned laser like focus on making the best products possible.

The purpose of this campaign is to help us maintain the integrity of our beliefs and actions outlined above. From the beginning AtLarge Nutrition has never sold out to classic forms of investment which most often result in outside forces driving its every action towards benefitting the bottom line as opposed to the customer. To do so would be the demise of that which makes us so unique, and so loved by our customers. With that said, continued growth and development require cash and your investment will make a difference. You will be supporting the dream, the RIGHT way of doing business. YOU can make a difference in the fitness and supplement industries. Please, invest now and be part of the solution. - See more at: