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Thread: Any new supplements coming out of ALN?

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    Any new supplements coming out of ALN?

    I was wondering if ALN was planning on expanding a bit into some other supplements? I recently bought a greens supplement just because I can't get enough veggies in every single day. I must say, 1 week on the greens and it's become my morning wake up drink. Would love it if ALN could do something and refine the product to be as badass as the rest of the lineup. Also, as awesome as Results is (And I'm continuing to use's awesome) any chance in a carb only drink to fuel the workouts? I drink a 45 carb jelly drink by Wieder (Not sure if it's a Japan only product) but it's the only carb drink/jelly that has a decent amount of carbs. I drink it mid workout along with my BCAA+ and electrolyte/water drink. Checking my blood sugar by the time I get to HIIT and I'm depleted. Now I'm buying 2 of these jelly drinks for every workout and that comes to 4 bucks. Again, ALN could create and refine a decent carb drink I'm sure...

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    Actually, we are considering some new products and will soon be launching a crowd funding campaign to help fund it.

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