I'm sure you guys know who he is, if not then I suggest you google him. He's a great guy and an awesome powerlifter with a lot of knowledge. He is probably one of top online coaches in the game not to mention one of the top multiply powerlifters in the 220s, 242s and 275s.

Before I go any further, if youíre expecting a training book that is going to lay out a 10-12 week training program and not teach you anything, then this book isnít for you. 10/20/Life will teach you how to train for the rest of your lifting career and not just a few weeks. So, if you want to learn a thing or two and have a book thatís going to change your way of life and your thought process on training in general, then I highly recommend you keep reading.

This book is 100 pages and it goes over everything from warm-ups, offseason, weak points, pre-contest and more. He breaks down the weak points from missing at the bottom, middle, and top of the lifts and he even list what movements to use so you can address those weak areas. There is also an example template on how to setup a weak point training cycle. He goes over your weekly options and how to setup your training split during the week. Another area that had a lot of detail is the assistance index. He breaks them down into groups and gives a list of exercises and his recommendation of sets x reps for each main lift (squat, bench, and deadlift). Brian, also breaks down each main powerlift individually and breaks them down on how to perform them. Whatís good about this is, he explains it from head to toe.

This book goes over so much, that Iím sure Iím missing something. Here are a few more topics that he goes over in the book and Iím sure I mentioned some stuff already. He explains offseason training and how to set it up, pre-contest and how to peak for a meet, equipment and how to wrap your knees and wrists, how to properly warm-up with samples, weak point training and how to attack it, RPE, assistance work and which ones to choose, how to work up and back down, reverse bands and which ones to use and how, nutrition and so much more.

This book isnít a training program, itís a guide on how to help you train smarter and become stronger. Iíve bought a lot of eBooks from 5/3/1 (all 3 books), The Cube, The Juggernaut Method, and 365 Strong, but 10/20/Life is the one Iíll be going back to for reference.

Here is the link to the website where you can buy it along with his Weight Cutting Manual...