Paul Carter posted:

He details his foray into Leo Costa and Tom Platz's Bulgarian System and what a wast of time it was but like many of us when young we might have done some goofy programs or tried some odd exercises.

Wondering what programs, training methods or exercises you tried that turned out to be blunders?

Part of me is just curious for the fun of it. But I'm also wanting to see what doesn't work for folks.

Not bashing CrossFit, but when I started doing some of their WOD's I was doing wall balls outside at night next to my garage. In the darkness I miscalculated the Wallball letting it smash into my nose.

Like many, when I first started I was following Arnold's program from his Encycolpedia of Bodybuilding. It was way too much volume from where I was especially with the little weights I was handling. Regardless, it helped get me started into weight training.