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Thread: Energy Drinks: Monster Energy in particular

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    Energy Drinks: Monster Energy in particular

    The only real energy drink I've had is pre-workout, which gave me a good smooth ride throughout my training and also helped on none training days when I was crawling to get to the end of the day.

    I'm out of Pre-workout but still training hard. However, I had a couple of really long days where by the end (I teach privately) I felt sorry for the kids I was teaching because mentally and physically I was exhausted. So, I decided to pound back a Monster Energy Zero.

    I don't know if it was a placebo effect or if it worked, but I got through the last couple of hours focused. Are there drinks that definitely work? Are there ones to stay away from. I only plan on using them during working hours towards the end of the day when I need that extra boost.
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    yea anything with caffeine really. but drinks like monster and redbull have much more caffeine than a coffee for example.while the caffeine will work, you can become less sensitive to it. so only use it when you need to.

    I drink well over 10 cups of coffee everyday, i just like the taste, caffeine doesnt do shit for me anymore unless im really exhausted. the same goes for pre-workout supps.

    i dont like the idea of taking mad doses of caffeine before training, while i was in the army i heard of to many incidents of very fit soldiers having heart attacks and even dying while out on a run. the shops in the infantry training camp even stopped selling energy drinks when i was there.
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    I crash hard after drinking energy drinks, so I'd rather find a good pre-workout/ caff pill to take.

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