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Thread: Creatine: things have changed?

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    Creatine: things have changed?

    Way back when, there were many posts about creatine. What I got from the forum and others was:

    No need to load.
    No need to cycle.
    Not harmful to your kidneys.
    Just be sure to drink plenty of water.

    Now I'm reading more and more and listening to Youtube vids trying to sort through the effects of several supplements. Creatine, from what I've read and heard, needs to be cycled because you end up overloading something (will look for the read) which means you should cycle off. Anyone care to educate me on this? Has ther been change in views?

    I had my kidney functions checked. There seemed to be a dramatic improvement when off the creatine. I'm thinking this is a false 'high number' but can't say for sure. Still reading.

    Drinking water with it is still good but is it more optimal in something like Results? If yes, the how so?
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    I haven't taken creatine in some time and really haven't notice much of a difference at all with strength. Maybe could get one extra rep on some of the 8-12 sets, but top end strength isn't an issue. If I were going to use creatine, it would be a product like results because of all the ingredients it has, but you may be ok not using it at all if it worries you.

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    Your body will adjust to just about anything (within reason) over time, so there may be some viability to the idea of cycling, but I am not convinced. I would want to see a longish term study showing it to be recommended.

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