Last year for about a month I was waking up feeling rwalky hot. I'd have to leave the room and go into a cooler room or out on the deck. I'd eventually cool down and go back to bed and when I wake at my normal time and my temperature would be normal. If the room was cold I'd be cold too. Then that all passed.

Yesterday because of work I was going on bcca, rice and chicken, but not in large enough amounts to be considered a meal. When I got home I had a large chicken wrap but was still hungry. Wanting to get to bed I decided to grab a couple protein bars (30g protein 25g carbs) by the end I had 3. Read my book and passed out and 3 hours later was up feeling HOT... this the protein, the amount, the timing (before bed)? Or could it be the carbs?

Won't be doing it again but wondered what this could be and how I should eat in case I find myself in the same situation where I could eat regularly?