I placed my orders in January and February. I was one of the first to order Results BEFORE they went on sale for the pre-order price at which time I order an additional 3 tubs (Total of 6 tubs). Due to problems, I understand, things weren't shipping on time. You managed to send me parts of my order with the exception of Results, 2x E.T.S and Chocolate Nitrean (The Chocolate was on pre-order). I was told I'd be one of the first to get Results because I was one of the first to place my order.

I cancelled 3 of the Results (These were for a friend who decided he couldn't wait any longer). I wanted my 3 Results bad, and with more Nitrean and E.T.S coming (Stuff still not received), I figured I could wait.

In the past you've been super fast with email (Like the page says, usually within a couple of hours). This hasn't been the case recently. I've tried calling you guys. I left a message with my number, but no calls or emails returned.

I understand the frustration that's going on with ALN and suppliers but there's some frustration happening here too. Over 300USD in product not received. I was hoping for email or a call but I can't seem to get that either. I thought I would post here and maybe grabs someones attention.

I wanted to order Pre-workout but before I do I need to know I'll be getting my orders. So if you could please comment in here or send me email/call, I'd really appreciate it. I understand running a business can be brutal at times (I do myself) but please don't forget the loyal customer.